About Phil

Attorney Phillip Fishman, JD

Mr. Fishman graduated from Washington University Law School in St. Louis, Missouri.  He came to Minnesota in 1977 to direct the University of Minnesota’s Student Legal Services program.  He started his own practice specializing in immigration law in 1980 and is the founding partner of Fishman, Binsfeld and Bachmeier, P.A.  In 2011, he established a separate practice under his name, Phillip F. Fishman, P.A.

Mr. Fishman’s firm handles a broad range of immigration matters, including asylum, removal proceedings, adjustment of status, visa processing, marriage petitions, naturalization hearings and other matters that assist individuals who are seeking to obtain or protect their favorable status in the United States.  In addition to appearing in Immigration Court, Mr. Fishman has also appeared before the Bureau of Immigration Appeals (BIA) and in Federal Courts.

His practice before the federal courts is extensive.  Examples include seeking release of detainees in federal district court or even bringing successful actions requiring the government to make decisions when the government is engaging in unreasonable or illegal delays.  Mr. Fishman has also taken appeals to the United States courts of appeal in the eighth, ninth, fourth, and second circuits.  These appeals include seeking to overturn decisions of an immigration judge and the BIA.  They also include challenges to the constitutionality of laws and regulations affecting immigrants.  A complete listing and summary of the 25 or more cases argued by Mr. Fishman in the federal courts of appeal and recordings of his arguments are available over the internet.  His arguments before the Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit are available at that court’s website.

While Mr. Fishman’s primary area of practice is immigration law, his practice also includes general damage cases (negligence matters), civil rights litigation, employment matters, worker’s compensation and some contract dispute cases.

In addition to practicing law, Mr. Fishman has spoken at several professional seminars on immigration-related topics.  He also taught constitutional law at the University of Minnesota, Augsburg College and at other local colleges in the Twin City metropolitan area.  Before moving to Minnesota, he taught law-related education at Washington University.  During that time, he developed a national law-related education project for secondary education teachers throughout the United States.

For at least 15 years, Mr. Fishman has been publicly recognized by his peers as one of Minnesota’s “Super Attorneys” in immigration law.  He has successfully represented many hundreds of people with their legal problems.  A recent illustration of this success is found in the comments of a former client who, along with others, was granted a visa through Mr. Fishman’s strong advocacy.  Referring to Mr. Fishman and his colleague, the client was quoted in the Star Tribune as being thankful for the “great attorneys” who helped him and the Hispanic people get justice.  (Star Tribune, August 5, 2012, pp A1, A11.) 

Mr. Fishman has a wife, two daughters and four grandchildren.  He resides with his family in Bloomington, Minnesota.